Fifty Journeys: Hassan

Written by
Tori McBride

10 Nov, 2021

What did you do prior to joining Fifty?

Before Fifty, I worked as a Service Desk Analyst for a Fintech company called Circle.

When / how did you join Fifty?

I joined Fifty in June 2021 through my colleague Arman's recommendation.

What is your role at Fifty and how has it evolved?

I work with Arman on the Data team as a Data Operations Analyst helping to create segments for clients and providing tribe recommendations in reply to data enquiries. Since then, as I’ve gained more experience, I have been working with Arman to centralise and streamline the department, as well as implementing new ideas to help the department grow with the company.

What has your biggest success been at Fifty?

Helping boost income generated by the Data team - as a department we hit record monthly income in 2021 and I felt really proud to have played a part in that achievement.

How has Fifty changed since you first joined?

The people at Fifty haven't changed, everyone is very friendly and incredibly helpful. Now that the renovations are complete, we have a brand new three-storey office and it’s a really great space. When I first joined the team was a lot smaller, now we have had a new person join almost every week.

What are you looking forward to next?

I’m looking forward to growing my skill set and implementing more ideas for the Data team to help increase revenue and grow the team. I am also very excited about our new product FiftyAurora - seeing the data behind it and how it works as we try to establish Fifty as an industry frontrunner for contextual advertising.

What are your passions outside of work?

I love to be active outside of work. I like playing football, basketball and American football with my friends. I also enjoy skateboarding, gymming, gaming, boxing, watching shows and movies (I’m a huge DC comics fan). I’ve recently delved into photography too, so I'm looking to explore that a lot more.

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