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Actiph Water

How Fifty supported the brand’s rapid expansion into multiple new markets through a hyper-focused, data-led targeting strategy.

Salad Money

How Fifty helped the ethical finance startup achieve a 55% improvement on its previous eCPA target.

Illinois Lottery

How Fifty built a highly customised campaign that generated over 2 million impressions and drove a major increase in lottery ticket sales.

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

How Fifty generated a major boost in ticket sales for the Broadway play and delivered a 1500% ROI.


How Fifty helped independent game development studio Bungie crush its eCPA target.

Georgia Tourism

How Fifty used hyper-focused targeting to accurately deliver messaging and drive tourism within the state of Georgia.

Lion King

How Fifty helped identify and reach fans looking to return to the theatre post-lockdown and drive ticket sales for the iconic Broadway show.

Macino x Under Armour

How Fifty used social listening analysis to tap into new potential customers ahead of the launch of Under Armour's new line of running shoes.

How UKTV attracted new and younger viewers to its crime channel Alibi

Harnessing the power of Fifty's data intelligence to launch the US show ‘Briarpatch’ (UKTV) in the UK

How ABB activated its Formula E sponsorship using audience insights

Fifty used audience intelligence to make ABB and Formula E's sponsorship resonate