ID-free Ad Targeting for a cookieless world

Welcome to the future of contextual.

FiftyAurora is a revolutionary approach to contextual marketing that goes beyond the page to understand what your target audience are engaging with, without having to track them. It's contextual audiences for a privacy-first era.

Traditional contextual targeting

An approach that makes too many assumptions

Most contextual targeting uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a range of machine learning algorithms to understand the context of a page, targeting based on page content.

But this makes assumptions about a site's audience without really understanding them.

The Fifty difference

Everything we do starts with human understanding

We believe it is impossible to target audiences without understanding what drives them.

We begin every campaign by understanding the people that make up an audience, uncovering their shared passions, beliefs and behaviours without tracking them.

Insight-driven contextual advertising

More accurate targeting, grounded in human behaviour

FiftyAurora combines audience insights with advanced NLP and contextual technology to go beyond the page and understand the wider interests of your target audience.

We believe audiences are more than keywords

They are made up of real individuals, who are complex and nuanced, with a wide range of beliefs, interests, passions and values.

FiftyAurora is powered by this deeply human understanding of audiences. It means we can target audiences more effectively because we understand who they are and what they engage with.

It's an evolution of contextual that is effective, dynamic and most importantly, private.

Want to know more about our human-centric insights?

Our approach

The future of Ad tech is to track Understand your audience better.

Privacy by design

Fifty’s platform offers an understanding of audiences and the webpages they have a high affinity with. FiftyAurora harnesses this insight and combines it with contextual processing to create ID-free targeting that is highly effective while preserving consumers’ privacy.

This is privacy-by-design audiences at scale.

Global solutions for global businesses

The nature of our technology allows us to be completely global. No matter where your data is, we can harness it to understand your customer better, to execute multi-channel media strategies and deliver powerful, effective outcomes.

How? Let us show you.

Our Approach

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