Revolutionising digital media.

AI powered insight, strategy, media activation & reporting that delivers new levels of effectiveness and accuracy. We give our talented strategists the AI and data technologies to uncover hidden human connections within vast datasets. We understand audiences and their real-world interests deeper than ever before - informing creative and delivering more effective activation strategies across all media.

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Technology to connect brands with humans.

Our teams use our proprietary AI & data tools to surface the interconnections between people, their interests and brands, building strategies to activate against them.

We make sense of social, web and connected TV data, understanding the things people are passionate about, their influencers, preferences, who they trust, what devices they use, when they are active, and where to reach them.

We turn these insights into buyable audiences that we call Tribes, using AI to build fast, accurate media plans for activation across the full digital media ecosystem.

This is the magic of Fifty - it is different to traditional media buying and it delivers new value for brands.

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Our Approach

FiftyAurora: Your solution for an identity-free world.

FiftyAurora is our privacy-first solution to audience targeting. This next-generation contextual technology can determine where your audience will be, rather than tracking where they currently are.

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Build brands, optimise conversion and fulfil your ESG agenda.

The first step to growing your audience is knowing your audience - and that of your competitors.

Doing it responsibly means caring about privacy and knowing your Carbon impact. Our cookieless technology and deep media capabilities transform complex data into actionable insights that deliver impressive activation results, without compromising privacy.

Scope 3 Carbon reporting ensures performance is matched with sustainability.

Grow Your Brand

Doing digital media differently.

Better insights

See your audiences as they see themselves. Next level data analysis delivers new insights and smarter activation strategies.

Smarter strategies

Technology and great talent combine to generate strategies to smash brands’ business objectives.

Delivering business outcomes

Our planners have vast experienced in meeting complex challenges; our technology takes it to a new level.

Activation without restraint

We are not restrained by trading deals; we only care about optimal activation and beating KPIs.

Optimise, optimise, optimise

Track and optimise to asset level, daily as campaigns run - we strive to exceed benchmark metrics, every time.

Embrace every channel

We meet audiences wherever they are, from established channels through to the latest in retail, outdoor and connected TV media.

Industry leading visualisation & reporting

AI-powered audience, influencer and media visualisation, measurement and reporting, clearer and faster than ever.

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