The Immediate Opportunity in Women’s Sport - Read Fifty's groundbreaking report

Written by
Fifty Team

Insights by
Josh Tompkins

09 Jun, 2023

First the Lionesses, then the Red Roses – women’s sports are hitting major milestones and recognition in record time. We’ve produced a groundbreaking report on Women's Sport's unprecedented rise to the top of the industry and why brands need to jump on this golden opportunity to cement massive reach from high-value audiences. Our insights reveal 3 major takeaways:

  • Women’s football is the fastest growing challenger sport in the game, and its milestone moments only accelerate its growth
  • Most women’s sports have more male audience members than female, beating preconceptions of gender split between sports
  • Women’s sport garners far more positive sentiment than men’s sport, supporting a culture of positivity and offering huge value to brands & sponsors to build communities & drive positive social outcomes.

We open the conversation up to even deeper questions such as:

1. Does tribalism play the same role in Women's Sport as it does in men's?
2. Is the answer helpful or hurtful to its growth?
3. How do fans of Women's Football choose which team to support?
4. How can brands take advantage of sponsoring Women's Sport to reach their own audiences?

Learn more about the specific audiences involved in Women’s Sport and understand why this is the area to get involved in immediately with our full report here.

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