Technology to understand humans

Our media strategies are based in real-world human interests drawn from real-time data. The quality of our insights feed activation strategies proven to outperform benchmarks, the speed of our tech enables optimisation of campaigns as they run. To see our system in action and talk with our strategists, get in touch.

The Power of Tribes

Our audience insights platform uses network science to uncover online-dwelling Tribes. These communities reflect how people connect in the real world.

Supercharge your audience understanding and media strategy

With this human-centric view of your audience, you can build efficient media strategies that actually work.

The Fifty Process

Fifty’s technology is a powerful telescope into human understanding.





The power of the platform is in your hands

We can crunch the data and uncover the insights, and then the opportunities are almost endless.


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A trusted partner for teams around the world seeking to boost their audience understanding and accelerate growth.

“Fifty has delivered an insightful look into the audiences within our industry in a unique way. They have also pioneered a new approach to our paid media strategy, delivering strong results for Pasta Evangelists.”

Finn Lagun

Co-founder & CMO Pasta Evangelists

“Fifty’s insight-first approach helped drive cost efficiency, alongside beating our campaign VTR benchmark. Their platform helped bridge our insight work with a digital execution measured by custom KPIs, and their audience feedback loop created new insights and verticals.”

Lewis Salawu

Head of Digital Investment Hearts and Science

“Fifty’s work has made a significant difference to our business. We are now able to understand and target the specific audience of each act, which has revolutionised the way we plan and manage our marketing.”

Joe Arditti

Head of Marketing Avalon

Your approach to media buying will never be the same

Fifty bridges the gap between insight and activation.

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