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The Soaring Growth of Gaming

The audiences enthralled by gaming and ready to be engaged now

The Immediate Opportunity in Women’s Sport - Read Fifty's groundbreaking report

Why brands, rights holders and sponsors need to get involved in Women's Sport now.

Veganuary: Turning a one-month event into a long-term growth strategy

To discover the key tribes that could drive growth all year long, plant-based brands should get to know these Veganuary audiences.

Unpacking the Online Grocery Market.

Check out our latest white paper in partnership with our friends at Guerillascope. The global online grocery market is moving FAST. With market value expected to reach over $2 billion by 2030, the industry's exponential growth reflects a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour driven by cost, convenience and value. Read our findings here.

A Changing World: The Evolution of Giving

Using advanced audience analysis to understand emerging behaviours and motivations
 behind charitable giving.

The Power of Prospecting in a Privacy-First Era

As tech giants Apple and Google tussle over privacy, digital advertisers need to focus on better prospecting.

Next-generation Consumer Insight: Understanding the science behind Fifty

In the age of attention scarcity, targeting the right customer, at the right time, on the right platform has never been more critical. Here's how you do it.

Outside The Box: How audience intelligence can power non-endemic advertising.

Using the Fifty platform to uncover non-endemic advertising opportunities.

Humanising Data: Understanding The People Within Audience Segmentations

Fifty examine two very different sectors: fast food and banking to showcase how Fifty can transform data into real-life insights, finding people amongst the segments.