Fifty Journeys: Ali

Written by
Will Taylor

09 Feb, 2023

When did you start at Fifty?

I started in December of 2020, so a little over two years ago now.

What was it like working at Fifty during the pandemic?

I joined a bit later in the year, but we were still in and out of lockdowns and restrictions, which was a little strange. It was essentially my first ‘real job’ after graduating, and entering into a hybrid working environment was definitely interesting, but obviously worthwhile, as it’s relevant to how the world has ended up being these days. Fun fact: I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually meet my boss in person for about four or five months after I started!

Before you came to Fifty, what did you study and where?

For my undergrad I was at Villanova University, in Pennsylvania. Over there I graduated with a degree in Economics and Communication, and then I came to the UK and did a postgraduate degree in International Business at Greenwich.

What is your role at Fifty, and how would you say it’s evolved since you started?

My current role is Client Success Manager in the new Client Success department, which is great. I’m really happy to be a part of the department’s inaugural team, if you will, and to see the team develop out of a need to really service and provide exceptional value for existing clients and those we are trying to bring on board.

Initially I started as a Client Executive, working mainly on the commercial sales side, pitching to clients and doing outreach. It was there that I realised I had a particularly good skill set in, not just acquiring new clients through pitching, but also retaining these clients and developing relationships with them. So, I’ve shifted away from the pitching side and more onto the retention and growth side.

Fifty is still relatively young and changing all the time. How do you think it’s changed since you joined?

I think the biggest change really is the sorts of clients we’re working with. When we started, we were helping more startups and scale-ups, and now it’s amazing to see us working alongside these amazing global enterprises. It’s a really impressive progression, I think. I’m very excited to see what we’ll be up to in the future and also to really get involved with the brands I work with in a face-to-face capacity!

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