Fifty Journeys: Giulia

Written by
Fifty Team

30 Mar, 2023

When did you start?

I started just over two years ago in October 2020, so it was right in the middle of the pandemic - it was lockdown, basically. It was a bit strange, because I got to go into the office for my first day, but then that was it. I guess it was a bit harder than usual to work remotely, in a completely new environment with totally new people, for a while. I met my boss on the first day, but didn’t see them again in person for a while! I’ve always felt really welcome, though, and it didn’t feel as difficult as I thought it would.

What is your role at Fifty and how has it evolved?

My current role is Performance Manager. I first joined as a Senior Performance Executive, but I have been promoted a couple of times since I joined Fifty - which I’m really happy about. In terms of the type of work I do and how that has changed, I used to work across multiple industries and with smaller clients. Now I get the chance to work on bigger accounts - some of which have really grown with me as I progressed - which is great. I work mainly across two sectors now, both of which I’m really interested in.

What did you do before joining Fifty?

I used to work in another agency - a slightly bigger one. I was still working in Paid Social, but only across the Real Estate industry, so it wasn’t quite as exciting as my work here. That’s also one of the reasons why I decided to join Fifty - the variety of clients we work with, along with the more personal edge here. In my old company I used to work in Paid Social and I ran the campaigns, but I never really had any face to face time with clients and I didn't really get to speak to the people running the brands I was advertising, so it didn't ever feel very personal.

What are your passions outside of work?

I do a lot of things outside of work! I perform in cabaret and I’m a drag performer. I also run a fashion business and I make clothes for other people, which I really enjoy.

What’s next? Is there anything you’re looking forward to in particular?

As I was saying, some of the accounts I’ve worked on have actually grown with me, so I am looking forward to continuing to work with those clients and I’m excited to see where I can take them. For example, Chipotle is expanding internationally and they’re looking to open restaurants in Germany - like they’ve already done in France - so that’s something I’m excited about seeing more of!

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