Five Minutes With: Apple Vision Pro

Written by
Will Taylor

Insights by
Jerome Mckay-Jones

20 Jun, 2023

A couple of weeks on from the unveiling of Vision Pro, Apple’s first foray into the virtual reality - or mixed reality, as they call it - landscape, we were interested to see who was engaging with the product. In order to get the fullest picture of the discussion surrounding Vision Pro, we used social listening to identify an audience for our study. This way, we were able to tap into the conversation and isolate its active participants. Here are four key takeaways:

Far more engagement in US than UK:

The huge discrepancy in size between the UK and the USA accounts for a significant portion of this insight, but even proportionally we see more interest in the new device from Apple’s home market. Possibly responsible for this is the lack of release date outside the US; while Vision Pro is set to ship in early 2024 in the US, no mention has been made of when we can expect to see the headset on sale in the UK.

Innovation Enthusiasts the biggest tribe in both UK and US analyses:

Apple’s status as a truly global brand, and one that has penetrated the mainstream market for over two decades, generally affords the company interest from all corners of the consumer landscape. However, with Vision Pro we see a significantly more tech-based audience. By far the biggest audience segment in both of our studies comprised individuals with strong tech interests, specifically those with an eye for innovation. The Innovation Enthusiasts’ presence here, with top category interests including programming and computer science, may be down to the fact that Vision Pro is a first generation product for Apple. Another explanation for this more niche engagement may be Vision Pro’s prohibitively hefty price tag, set at an eye-watering $3,499 (US). 

Innovation Enthusiasts: Top Categories
Innovation Enthusiasts: Top Categories

Gaming represents massive opportunity:

With VR gaming as we know it finding its beginning before the turn of the millennium, the concept is well past its infancy. Apple has taken to the stage in a way that’s very, well, Apple. Having observed the awkward teen years of VR, in whose hallowed halls walk the likes of Meta’s Oculus Rift and Google’s Glass, Apple has unveiled what it hopes will be the ultimate solution. Naturally, gamers represent a significant wedge of Vision Pro’s prospective buyers, likely excited by the potential surge in game development that will be prompted by yet another tech frontrunner entering the ring.

Avid Gamers: Top Influencers
Avid Gamers: Top Influencers

Contemporary culture interest shows youth engagement:

Both UK and US audiences display a strong presence from groups centred around an appreciation of contemporary culture. The influencers associated with these groups are largely musicians which, combined with youth-dominated category interests and high incidence of the keyword ‘student’ in bios, points to a cohort of younger individuals. Despite Vision Pro’s high cost, the draw of a new device, along with its entertainment and gaming offerings, is successfully capturing the imagination of young people.

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